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Flat rate prices, friendly service, and best warranty.

Air Conditioning Repair

We'd love to help you with getting your air conditioning repaired ASAP.

As the leaders in repairing all types of air conditioning units, Red Apple Air repairs air conditioning systems for  homes of all sizes. Our love for cooling down homes has created the mission to improve the comfort for all our customers. With affordable flat rate pricing, friendly customer service, professional air conditioning experts, and a knowledgeable team, we will provide the best service until you're 100% satisfied!

Red Apple Air | Air Condidtioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair 

A/C Technician will perform a system check up to give you reliable options to repair your air conditioning unit.

Air Conditioning Repair and Service Torr


Condenser Repair for Residential

Ductless Repair

Rooftop A/C Unit Repair

Heat Pump

Home Cooling
Service , Repair, and Maintenance

Why is my air conditioner not working?
There are common reasons why your air conditioner system might not work.

1. Thermostat is not signaling to the outdoor condenser.
2. The air conditioner unit has not been maintained properly.
3. The air conditioner may need some adjustments for air flow.
4. The air conditioner may have a refrigerant leak.
5. The system may have wear and tear that is leading to break downs.

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Why Customers Love Red Apple Air

They have been doing the annual maintenance for the system and have always been professional, thorough and courteous.

Kevin K.

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Very professional and responsive. Easy to make an appointment, they were on time and friendly.

Nick G.

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 They were on time, educated, clean, meticulous and professional. Very happy with how they worked and the results.

Silva A.

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