What happens in an HVAC service call?

A Red Apple Air service call in Manhattan Beach CA involves several steps. Each one helps ensure our customers get their air conditioning up and running for the long term. This post explains exactly what happens with a typical HVAC service call.

Complete system Analysis

Red Apple's technicians conduct a thorough evaluation and inspection of your overall system, looking for possible conditions that affect its performance, including:

  • Age

  • Air duct clogs, obstructions near coil units, and other signs of neglect

  • Installation quality

  • Appropriate size, design, and installation

  • Repair needs, whether temporary or permanent

HVAC system Diagnosis

Red Apple Air conducts a comprehensive inspection of every element of your heating and cooling system to isolate problems, ensure proper operation, and increase energy efficiency. Components we inspect include:


  • Transformer

  • Thermocouple

  • Pressure switch

  • High limit switch

  • Flame sensor

  • Heat exchanger

  • Control board

  • Relay

  • Gas valve

  • Ignitor


  • Contractor

  • Compressor

  • Capacitor

  • Fan motor

  • Reversing valve

  • Fan blade

  • Disconnect box

  • PVC drains

  • Refrigeration lines

Tiers of service options

Red Apple understands that our customers have different budget concerns. We offer a range of service plans that fit each customer's maintenance needs and bank account, from our signature Gold, Silver and Bronze plans to Economy and "Band-Aid" solutions. We explain every detail of the repairs we suggest, why it's necessary, and the problems it will address.

Proof of fault

An important part of our "Built to Last" service plan is making sure our customers are fully informed about the repairs they need. To that end, Red Apple Air takes multiple photos of the components we propose to fix, showing the damage, hazards, or faults in clear detail. Customers appreciate this approach because it reinforces their confidence in our diagnosis and assures them they're not being defrauded.

58-point inspection

The last part of our "Built to Last" service is an all-encompassing review of every single component of your HVAC system. We check every valve, fan, electrical connection, and more intricate details to ensure they're all working together. We inspect every inch of air ducts for leakage or debris. We verify the operation of gas heating systems and check the setup of your indoor and outdoor systems. We measure the voltage, temperature, and condition of every component to keep your home safe and comfortable.