Real Life Crisis: Diane                                                                                               ​


On July 29, 2019 a loyal customer gives me the number of his friends who needs an AC system. I contact her and we schedule an appointment. Later that week I meet with her to walk the property and I offer her my options. She quickly declines even my lowest options. I knew she was an easy prey, so I warn her about the implications of attempting to save money on an AC installation. She urges me to leave. 

Two weeks later. My friend calls me to tell me the bad news. Diane had not taken my strong advice and had hired one of many, serial con artist contractors, and had ripped her off for thousands of dollars. Not only poor quality but the system does not work and the contractor will no longer take her call. She reaches out to me and says she needs help. But the situation was out of my control. The money is lost.

Customer purchases special discounted AC system and gives deposit. Job turns into nightmare. Customer was warned one day before by Red Apple Air but decided to gamble. 


How does Red Apple Air keep this from happening to you so you don’t become a victim of a bad installation?

​Let’s start from the beginning

Why Did Diane Need Air Conditioning In The First Place?

She told our Comfort Advisor that she was tired of: 

  • Living with night sweats and her pets were completely miserable. 

  • She wanted the asbestos air ducts out of her home- a health hazard. 

All summed up, she was tired of living below standard quality of life and wanted to begin enjoying the GOOD Life in her home.


Before setting up an appointment with us or anyone else, so you don’t waste your time, find out if this is even important for you. 


Red Apple systems are the wise choice because of the triple quality installation we provide. 

When it comes down to the installations, 8 times out of 10 it’s a complete joke and mess. 

Here’s what we normally find furnaces:

  1. Sitting on bricks in attics. 

  2. Sitting on half a platform.

  3. Sitting on uneven stands that twist the unit until it vibrates itself to ruins.

  4. Fire hazards at every point of the hot exhaust, ready to catch fire.

  5. Ducts blocking the front access or rubbing on excessively hot pipes.

We haven’t even covered the electrical fire hazards, mold growth hazards, contaminated air being blown into the house hazard, or breathing insulation hazards; which are all health and safety hazards. 


Ok so it sounds too expensive or there must be some catch right. 

Well you are absolutely right! The catch is that it might be more expensive than another company. And I say might because we are always thousands less in the long run and sometimes, we are even less at the time of installation.

Now if you compare our prices to Bubba the Craigslist vigilante then we are definitely more expensive at the signing of the agreement. His prices are lower, until you realized you are being taken advantage of by some unlicensed, uninsured, unreachable hack that no one can hold accountable and that you actually bought a BUT system. That is, you could have had a real system BUT you decided not to. 

In case you are unconvinced I have left pictures of our work below. I’m also placing some reviews from what customers have said about my work in the past. 

The Moment Of Truth. 

At this point I have covered everything you need to know to make a well-informed decision. And if you live in The South Bay, and you read this, and you don’t take my strong and urgent advice to heart than here is where we MUST part. 

But keep this in mind, that if you hire the wrong company to install your system and:

  • it doesn’t seem to work as well as it should, 

  • or the house still has hot spots and cold spots 

  • or the unit runs for long periods of time

  • or your bill is high

  • the unit is loud and the vents whistle


At that point you are going to hear my voice in your head that begins to say, 

You messed up big time, you should have called Red Apple Air. What were you thinking?

For those of you that listen to advice. I look forward to Installing you one of our Built To Last smart systems. YOU are going to LOVE me for this. And I am going to show my appreciation by doing an amazing installation for you. 


At the bottom of our page our testimonials and reviews

about what your neighbors have to say about us. 

Setting Up Your FREE In-Home

Presentation Is Easy, Fast and the Right Way.​

Call Now (310) 532-0522

If you are certain you want an estimate from Red Apple Air then there are 2 ways to schedule. 

  1. Call and book your appointment and let us know your 3 reasons and who is most affected? This will save you lots of money and will help us design the right system for you the first time.

  2. The second way is to book your own appointment online and state your 3 reasons why you want a new system and the names of those most affected. 


It’s that easy.

Day of the appointment. Have everyone who needs to be present available the hour of the appointment. We are a low pressure and have a fast sales process. The big mistake most customers make is not having everyone present that needs to help make a decision. 

If after you set your appointment all parties are no longer available just reschedule another date. 


Biggest mistakes. 

If we had a nickel for every time the wife/husband had to explain the presentation tell her/his husband/wife because they were too busy at work and she/he forgot to mention some critical piece of information, well I would have a room full of nickels. What we don’t want is to be the cause of misunderstandings. 

Another common problem is emailing quotes. In the past we used to email quotes but we have learned the hard way that email quotes cause more confusion than it’s worth. Therefore, if you are too busy or live out of state we have another solution . . .  so there are NO misunderstandings. 

The last thing we want is you to believe you are purchasing one thing only to find out you got something else and blame us with the bait and switch. We value integrity and honesty. We do not under any conditions engage into the opposite. 

Doing Things The Right Way Means:

  1. We can come to you at a time that’s most convenient and where both parties are present. 

  2. You provided your 3 reasons and names of those most affected.

  3. Everyone is present the hour of the presentation. 

  4. We start the presentation on time, so you know ALL the details your investing into.

  5. You make your selection and get you financed. Or decline our options. Both are OK.

  6. You schedule a day of install that’s most convenient for your family. 


For more information keep reading our reviews and testimonials.

And don’t forget to jump over to our About page and get to know us. 

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