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How to keep your A/C Running This Summer

Now that summer is here you'll want to escape the heat by turning on your A/C.  Excessive use of an A/C unit mixed with poor care is a recipe for a broken unit. Here are some tips to help make sure you keep your cooling system in the best shape and expand its life span. 

Schedule Timely Maintenance 

A/C units should be maintenance at least once a year to make sure your warranty is valid. Yearly maintenance  prevents breakdowns and helps prevent costly repairs.  

Change Filters 

You wouldn't drive a car with poor windshield wipers so why would you use an A/C system with a poor filter?  Making sure your filter is changed out every 6 months is important not only to keep your system running but also to your health and to those in your home.  If you use disposable filters, write the date on the filter when you replace it, and make checking your filters a habit. 

Clear area near A/C System

If an A/C system is near a tree or other outside debris such as tall grass, thick bushes or plants it can block the air flow. This will prevent your A/C system from working properly. Keep the surrounding area neatly maintained to ensure nothing interferes with the system. 

Keep Windows and Doors shut

Keeping your doors and windows shut as much as possible will help your A/C system run efficiently as possible. A/C unit works by sensing the indoor air temperature and cycling on and off in order  to get the air to match the settings on the thermostat.  When the air in your home is constantly changing due to doors and windows opening your system  will work harder to consistently adjust.

Turn off your Unit 

Your A/C needs a vacation the same way you do. When you leave your home for days at a time your A/C system should be turned off  to save you the most money and energy. The best way to run your system is to maintain a consistent temperature while you’re home, but let your system rest when you’re away.

Regularly Clean vents and air ducts 

Air ducts and vents are important to the way the air flows from the A/C unit and into your home. when  vents and air ducts are packed with  dirt and dust it will  restrict  the air flow and cause other problems. 

System Warranty 

No  matter how perfectly your take care of your A/C system it can can still quit working for a number of reasons that are completely out of your control. Ensuring you have the proper warranty for your system will reduce the cost of repairing or replacing your system when a breakdown comes along.


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