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heating system blowing cold air?

The middle of winter is not a good time to have your furnace or

on you and your family when you are trying to warm up. What should you do if this happens?

Check the thermostat fan settings |

If the furnace’s fan is set to run continuously, it will run when the system is not producing heat. The furnace could be blowing cold air because of a settings mistake. This is an easy fix, by going to your thermostat and taking a look at the fan setting. Thermostat should be set to “auto”, not “on”. The “auto” setting for your furnace should only run the fan during a heating cycle, instead of pushing cold air around the home without heating it first.

Check the furnace air filter |

A dirty air filter will make air movement through the furnace difficult. This will raise temperatures inside the furnace, and limiting the switch will shut the heating cycle down if the unit becomes too hot. If your filter is dirty, replacing the filter will most likely stop cold air from blowing around the home.

Check the furnace pilot light |

If the furnace pilot light goes out, the furnace will blow cold air because the fuel combustion process is not taking place. The pilot light needs to be relit in order to burn fuel and heat your home. If you can not relight the pilot yourself or if it keeps going out, it is best to call your local heating and air company.

Leaking Ducts |

A furnace could be blowing cold air due to duct leaks. Leaks in the ducts would allow heat to escape. Meaning once the heated air reaches your living areas, it is cold. Duct leaks need to be pinpointed and repaired by a professional to solve heat loss.

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